Mook was born as a brand of glasses and watches with roots in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Palma de Mallorca. Our production is located in Australia and China.

The launch of the brand occurred in 2015, prioritizing all those opinions that the creators of the brand were collecting for months, among friends, family and acquaintances. Therefore, we are looking for new forms of design and we have especially emphasize in searching wood material.

Our biggest challenge was to get an impact on the glasses that everyone already knew, but in the form of glasses design and colors.

We got involved in a project that includs many different types of material: wood of all possible types, together with acetate and metal, managed to offer us a different, original and striking product. Moreover, fitted perfectly into the philosophy of the people from the island.

And how was the name of Mook born? It was simple, during a talk between the two creators, they had a brainstorm and result was the word Mook. It is simple, original, direct and very easy to remember.

Each of the designs has been studied in depth, looking for, for each type of face, several models that adapt to each client. The experience acquired during these last years has allowed us to reach anyone and convince them that we have the design they are looking for. For this the quality of our materials is guaranteed and translates into sales.

Each frame of glasses and lenses can be customized, due to the personal attention and the follow-up that we make to each client. We follow a meticulousness that only thus reaches the satisfaction that we see reflected between adults and children. Both watches and glasses are prepared for everyday, to fit with the modernity that society demands today. We have Mediterranean values, where the sun and light are part of the small details that make up each person.

We never stop evolving and innovating, providing all the Mediterranean warmth to our products. We want to be part of you, your comfort and adapted to your needs. We want to look for those details that make you different, being modern, light and simple.

We also have collaborations with many companies throughout these years, lending our name and support to those institutions that have requested it. For this reason, we offer guarantee and security in our products. We will continue to develop new models of watches and sunglasses, with the intention of always offering a fresh and natural product.